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about betsy


i'm betsy campbell, the founder of betsy by design, llc, a boutique stationer located at 2422 mechanic street in historic downtown galveston, texas.  

after 25 years in the print and design industry for a number of large retail companies, managing the printing & production of thousands of projects related to life's big events, i decided to go back to my roots of working with people on a more personal one-on-one level.


my passion for printing & paper combined with the joy i receive in seeing a project come to fruition and the happiness it brings the amazing people with whom i've been fortunate to work drives me on a daily basis.  


my feeling is that every invitation, note-card or announcement is a little piece of art sent to family & friends.  the art of printing on paper is ages old and should be cherished as a gift when received.

who doesn't like getting a card or sweet-nothing in their mailbox instead of bills and catalogs?  

if you're looking for something special to celebrate a life event, a sweet note to say hello, a congratulatory card or something unique to let someone know you care, well, then come see me! 

i look forward to seeing you in my studio and relish what we can do together!

 xoxo - betsy


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